Thursday, April 9, 2009

these windows lead into the past

last night i had the chance to go down to san francisco and see jack's mannequin play a show. the bands lead singer andrew used to be the lead singer for the band something corporate. another really good band. a few years ago he was diagnosed with cancer and had to fight through that. i have seen video footage of him in the hospital and he looked terrible. but after recovering he started this band. the first album out was titled "everything in transit". it had a lot of really good talented song on it. but it is a lot different from the latest album titled "the glass passenger". i remember having a conversation with a girl i know about the differences in the albums. and i told her at first that i didnt really hear much difference. she thought that it was very different so i went back and listened to it with a more open mind and i realized something. i realized that his music had matured a lot from the first album. i think that he has matured a lot as well. i remember seeing something corporate play a few years ago and i have noticed a change in his stage presence as well. not that he doesnt put on as good of a show as he did back then, but there is a diference. im not sure if im the only one that can see a difference or not. i dont know maybe i am just crazy. but it was still an amazing show. he played all of the songs that i was hoping to hear. he jumped all over his piano keys and i got some great pictures. andrew is such a talented musician on the piano and with his lyrics. im sure there will be lots more to hear from him in the future. i hope that you will take the time to give his band a listen if you havent before. and if you get the chance to see them live you will not be disappointed. i dont want to leave out that matt nathanson played a really good set as well. i didnt think i was going to like him but he is really good on stage and has lots of good songs. and he is very funny up there as well. the rest of the pics will be on my face book page. check it out.

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  1. I'm so envious you got to see him live. LUCKY BOOGER! hehe.. Nice blog btw. I didn't even know you had one. lol I'm such a slacker. Ours is